The Start of Yarn with Stitches

Yarn with Stitches began with my love of textile crafts and particularly quilting. Over several years as I perfected my craft I realised that a big part of the enjoyment I have from quilting and creating is the giving the finished object away and seeing the enjoyment and pleasure it brings. But Yarn with Stitches isn’t just about craft it’s also about equality for women.

I have always held strong opinions about equality for women and challenged inequality when I come across it but activism isn’t something that comes naturally to me.I couldn’t go to the Women’s March on 21st January 2017 but it inspired me to think about ways I could be more active in promoting equality for women.

I considered a variety of approaches and then came across some blog posts about Craftivism. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment, this was me, and using my craft to educate and inform about something important to me was the obvious answer.

The next stage was working out how to send my creations into the wider world. I considered a number of approaches but settled on the gifting them. The plan is to share images of the completed pieces on social media and ask people to volunteer to give each piece a home or to nominate someone to receive it, either someone they know personally or a public figure.

Each piece will be sent in a pizza box style packaging, ready to display and with a handwritten letter explaining the Yarn with Stitches project.

I see Yarn with Stitches as a long term project there is no specific time frame or end date. I will document the creation and completion of each piece and I’m happy for the digital images to be shared and used. I’m hoping it will be an interesting journey.


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