Quilt number one: Definitions

The first quilt for the yarn with stitches project is titled Definitions. A simple, self explanatory, descriptive title.

The quilt is made from cotton fabric hand dyed with Indigo, batting made from recycled plastic bottles, crewel wool and handspun super chunky yarn.

The definition of the words feminism and Misogyny have been hand stitched using crewel wool and backstitch. The first letter of each word is made from super chunky handspun yarn which has been sewn in place using couching. I chose this technique because I wanted to give the feel of illuminated letters that are used in calligraphy.

I designed the quilt to have a simple, folk style. The colour choice was inspired by the colours of the Union Jack. The definitions stitched in the quilt are those used on the Oxford dictionaries site. “Feminism the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” and “Misogyny dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”

The quilt measures approximately 39cm x 39cm. It has been attached to mount board using stick on velcro. The count board has a twine attached on the back for easy hanging. Pictured here20170205_144808-1

The quilt can be displayed in the pizza box packaging it is sent in by simply folding back the lid of the box as pictured here.


Alternatively it can be hung on a hook like this or framed in a box frame.


If you would like to give quilt number one a home or if you would like to nominate someone you know personally or a public figure to receive the quilt email yarnwithstitches@gmail.com

If you are successful I’ll be in touch to confirm any details required then I’ll send the quilt either to you or the person you’ve nominated with a hand written letter explaining the yarn with stitches project. It’s up to you whether you want me to mention you or whether you prefer to remain anonymous. It’s all free.