Quilt Number Three – Equality in Politics

I’ve always been a bit of a multi tasker and generally I have a few quilting projects on the go at the same time. So with Quilt number two The Gender Pay Gap under way I have started thinking about quilt number three.

I decided that the third quilt in the series would focus on equality in politics after reading the statistic that in the UK there are currently more men at Westminster than there have ever been women. The House of Commons is currently 71% male. The UK population is 51% female.

I know a lot of Yarn with Stitches followers are in the USA so I had a look for statistics about political representation in USA. The statistics available on the  CAWP  website seem to confirm that in the USA it is a similar picture with women making up about 20% of elected representatives at different levels.

Can you imagine what would happen if it was suggested that 70% or 80% of elected representatives would be female? And yet we seem to have come to accept the current reverse inequality in politics as simply the way things are.

As with all issues of equality for women the reasons for this inequality in political representation are complex. In recent weeks some female UK politicians have written about their experiences of misogyny in politics.

This is not an experience of the past it is a current issue and I expect a significant deterrent and barrier to women entering politics. In 2017 it is frankly unbelievable that a male MP would make woof woof noises when a female colleague is making a speech as happened here in the UK recently. Would that be acceptable in your workplace if a male colleague didn’t agree with something a female co worker was saying ? I hope not, in my workplace it would lead to disciplinary action but I can’t imagine it ever happening.

Here are links to the articles if you’re interested Diane Abbot writing about how Misogyny and abuse puts women off politics and Harriet Harman on sexism in parliament

If you’re interested in equality in politics in the UK have a look at the 50:50 Parliament campaign

The design for quilt number three is a lot less bling that quilt number two. I found a cushion with a print of the Palace of Westminister in black and white. I plan to take the cushion apart and use the print together with embroidery in black thread detailing some of the statistics about the inequality in politics in the UK. Here’s a picture of the cushion

20170218_153626-1 Remember all Yarn with Stitches quilts will be gifted free to anyone who wants one or you can nominate someone to receive a quilt for free. Either someone you know personally or a public figure. Quilts are sent with a hand written letter explaining the Yarn with Stitches project. You can request a quilt or nominate someone to receive one by emailing yarnwithstitches@gmail.com


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