Quilt number two The Gender Pay Gap is finished

Yesterday I finished quilt number 2 The Gender Pay Gap. Here’s a picture


As you can see it’s very sparkly. I used a gold cotton fabric and embroidered the latest OECD figures for the pay gap in the OECD countries. For embellishments I used sequin applique lettering, sequin strings and gold rhinestones. The quilt is a 40cm x 40cm wall quilt fixed on mount board ready to be framed or hung as it is.

Remember all my quilts are made to be gifted for free. You can request a quilt for yourself or nominate someone to receive it. Either someone you know personally or a public figure. Just email yarnwithstitches@gmail.com with your request or nomination.

There are many different statistics used when discussing the pay gap. I chose the OECD figures because they cover several countries and there is an obvious difference in the figures from different countries. I’m sure some people will criticise the use of these statistics and express  a preference for using other figures but the quilt isn’t a research paper it’s a piece of textile art that will hopefully provoke discussion, debate and educate about the issue.

During the making of this quilt I’ve discovered that some members of the online community get quite angry about anyone highlighting the gender pay gap. I’ve been told it’s not true, a made up statistic and that I should spend my time highlighting real issues.

I have no interest in engaging in pointless arguments online. I find it very easy to ignore people who just want to tell you you’re wrong and think they have the right to tell you what to think and how to spend your time but part of me does want to do something other than just ignore them.

So I’ve decided to respond to any such communications with a stitched response inviting people to respond to me in stitch. For me it turns what could be a negative experience into the opportunity to spend a few minutes doing something I enjoy (embroidery). Here’s a picture of my first stitched response. I may make others and who knows maybe I’ll have a stitched debate with a critic.



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