Yarn with stitches was started in January 2017. It is essentially a one woman craftivist project born out of a love of textile crafts and a desire to educate and inform about equality for women.

Equality for women in the UK has come a long way in my lifetime which is wonderful and something I have benefited from but I think this led to some complacency about the issue. There are also members of our society who would prefer that women did not progress further along the road to equality. We often focus on other countries and cultures and overlook the steps we still need to take ourselves to achieve true equality.

I hope that those who receive a yarn with stitches art work will appreciate the craft, reflect on the message and share their thoughts about equality.

As each piece is completed I will invite people to volunteer to give it a good home or to nominate someone to receive it either someone they know personally or a public figure.

If you want to get in touch send me a message on  Facebook , Instagram or Twitter

Alternatively email yarnwithstitches@gmail.com